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yartigo is on the web and in an app. Use your smartphone to find art over the internet.

the artapp for IOS & Android

Register now online or download the smartphone app. Become a member of the art scene’s new social network. For artists, art collectors, galleries, organisations and art suppliers.

yartigo is the new marketplace for art, aimed at painters, photographers, sculptors, object artists, art students, and hobby and leisure painters, who would like to sell more of their work.

Selling art to art lovers in the surrounding


for artists

sell art directly to art lovers

yartigo offers artists of all genres an exhibition space to present their artworks. You can publish a biography, enter the address of your studio and upload your artworks into the artapp. Simply take a photo with your phone, name it, set a price, and upload it to your art gallery. Quick, free, and easy.

yartigo is the artapp. Use your smartphone to load up art on the internet.


for art lovers

buy art directly from the artist

yartigo is the new online exhibition space where art lovers can find art in their area. Or install the artapp and find the same art on your smartphone. If you like a piece and the price is right, you can contact the artist after you register, and make an appointment at their studio.

Artlovers find and buy original artworks in the surrounding neighbourhood

yartigo is the artapp. Use your smartphone to find artists in your surrounding.

For collectors and artlovers buy and sell original artworks online

yartigo for art collectors

discover new artists in the area.

For passionate art collectors, yartigo presents the opportunity to find new artists to expand your collection. You can get to know the artist, visit their studio, and build a personal relationship with them. With the artapp you can buy art directly, without commissions or surcharges.

yartigo is the artapp. Use your smartphone to find new customers over the internet.

yartigo for galleries

attract more people

Through yartigo, galleries can attract the attention of local art lovers and engage new visitors. Galleries can create a free profile and introduce artists. With a subscription, multiple artists and their works can be presented. The dates of exhibitions, private views, and closing celebrations can all be published.

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